Some time ago I discovered equipment, with which one carries its feet
to from ultra High Heels train can on the side of "Body Play".
Unfortunately I do not know until today, where this equipment is to be
acquired. Therefore I built such an equipment with some assistance. 

A building guidance for the High Heels coach can be down-loaded here.


Only in German - Größe 592 KB

With these devices one can carry its feet on from extreme High Heels to train.

The foot is pushed under the belts. The sole lies on the centre.

Now a belt at the schienbein is put on and tightened below the knees.

The belt should be gezurrt so firmly that it is to be held still straight evenly out...

In this position one must stay now. After my experience one should not
carry the foot coach at the beginning to for a long time. I have with
a quarter hour begun...


... from down...


Here the Model puts the foot coach straight on...

... and the results see in such a way out...


Those are by the way my own feet:)